We all have our desires. Children, adults, everyone. We desire love, peace and quiet, the respect of others, monetary wealth… desire is a natural part of our lives, and one of the biggest motivators. Who does not desire, has no dreams. Who has no dreams, it’s as if they are not truly alive. Things are different at Desira. We have dreams, we desire, and we make dreams come true. In fact, the creation of Desira is one big dream come true, a fulfillment that lets us in turn fulfill the interior design desires of our clients. Welcome to our website, and be not afraid to dream and desire – we will gladly help with the transformation.


Design is more than mere beauty – design is a unique marriage of function and esthetics. Understanding your needs and open communication are the basis of a successful collaboration. They say perfection does not exist, but we work with clients with the ambition to reach this goal together. Perfection is, after all, an emotion. The feeling of things falling harmoniously into place. 

The philosophy behind our projects is based on the search for proper balance between what is practical and what is beautiful. Each project is unique; accordingly, we take an individual approach to every one of them. We want to inspire and motivate you, to unlock the hidden potential of the given space, and to reveal fresh paths leading to the interior of your dreams. Our projects provide new solutions for any space, and raise the standard of living for its inhabitants. 

We work with clients who know how to appreciate both the practical and the esthetic aspects of a project. Clients who are open to new, timeless solutions. Clients who are bold and who put their trust into our experience. Be bold, too! You deserve better than a one-size-fits-all solution. 


Our core competence is the comprehensive remodelling of space, and wedding the old to clean contemporary esthetics.
Space remodelling is all about searching for new forms and contexts. About transforming dysfunctional parts into a functional whole. We seek a spatial arrangement that provides you with timeless ease of use. We create spaces in which you feel more than just comfortable. We create spaces that work. Lend us your trust, and we’ll help you create the home of your desire. 

What is it that all our projects have in common? Personality – the basic essence in every project overseen by us. Each of us is a personality who perceives their environment in a singular way. Spatial arrangements and the visual concepts to which they answer always reflect the inner world of those who inhabit them. You may at first be startled by our open and direct manner of communication, but it is crucial for truly first-class design that there be genuine trust between client and designer. 

Our designs are not limited to private interiors; we devote a large chunk of our energy to the public sector, and in particular to working with schools and pre-schools. The desire to support the development of this particular sphere of interior design led us to #krasnaskola (the hashtag means “beautiful school”), a project we’ve founded and which gives schools new opportunities to spruce up their indoor environment. Find out more about this project at www.krasna-skola.cz

For you to be able to trust us, you must get to know us. Before we meet in person, feel free to check us out on social media, where you’ll find us in the thick of day-to-day reality. Let us pull you in so you can discover our world.


\ graduated in furniture development and creation from Mendel University in Brno 

\ founder of Desira Studio and of the #krasnaskola project

\ co-author of the Fantasy furniture line, which received the Red Dot Design Award 2014

\ surrounded by a team of fantastical people without whom nothing would be possible

\ a seasoned professional with experience from projects at home and abroad 

“We want the energy we’re putting into the project to radiate back – back to you.”


Without you, our clients, we’d be nothing. Each new client is important to us, and we’ll treat them as an integral part of our team from day one, until we’ve seen the project through to successful completion, working side by side. For design execution, we rely on carefully chosen, reliable partners who share our approach to clients. This allows us to continuously raise the bar. 

A big thanks to everyone who supports our ambitions in this respect.