Give us a call or drop us an e-mail or a DM on social media… whatever suits you best. We’ll gladly provide you with comprehensive information and propose an informal meeting, with no commitment, so we can get to know each other better.


The first meeting will be devoted to outlining the assignment – that is, defining the project specifications and expectations. We resolve the client’s wishes and needs and present prospective solutions. As a rule, this meeting will take 1.5 to 2 hours, chargeable at a flat rate. If we agree to continue our collaboration, the fee will be included in the price for the project design.


Based on our in-person meeting, we’ll draw up a price offer tailored to your project. The price depends in each case on the scope of solicited services and the complexity of the project. Once the contract is signed and the advance invoice has been paid, we’ll set to work on the interior design proposal, which will usually take 4–6 weeks.


Depending on the scope of the project, space measurements will be taken during the follow-up meeting or separately on another date. If you have your space mapped electronically, we’ll check your measuring data. A fee is charged for both types of service.


The design proposal will be based on the specifications in the assignment and additional information as may be provided by the client. Each stage of the proposal will be consulted with the client on an on-going basis before we submit them for final approval. The individual stages of the design proposal are described in more detail in a separate guide that is attached to the price offer.


The choice of specific products is an integral part of design work. We meet you at showrooms to pick materials and colors, but above all functional components, that satisfy your expectations.


Once the design proposal has reached its final form, we’ll procure a detailed technical documentation as the basis for project implementation. Note that this technical documentation is not the same as the execution documentation needed for permitting procedures. It does however serve to arrive at a rough budget and as the basis for approaching contractors and suppliers.


In those cases in which the execution of the project is conditional upon permits or approvals that must be obtained from various institutions (such as the building office or the public health officer), we’ll arrange for the requisite project planning documentation on the basis of our design proposal, including authorization by the planning office.


If we’ve been commissioned with all-in project execution, we’ll arrange for a coordination meeting with the contractor ahead of time, i.e., with plenty of room before the commencement of works, in order to define preliminary work schedules and the division of competences. A separate offer will be prepared for this type of collaboration, which also involves the conclusion of a contract for work.