All our projects are implemented following the Design&Build method – in essence, this means that we not only propose a design to you, but also see to it that it will be built precisely to specifications. You won’t have to bother with drawing up schedules, sourcing suppliers, or supervising construction works. We operate as a guide through the entire process, from first draft to final execution, and in so doing save you both time and money.


You’ve bought a new apartment and have a clear vision of what it should look like? Or you are saddled with space that no longer fits and want it transformed so that it conforms to your current needs?

DESIRA will remodel your living space so that it meets your requirements. We move walls, shift partitions, and bring the number and layout of rooms in line with your needs and wishes, so that your living space fits your personality, taste, and style like a glove. Share your ideas with us, lend us your trust, and join us during the process, and we’ll deliver a design proposal to you that embodies your expectations, enhanced by our many years of experience and concept of space. We design private and public interiors, and have a broad portfolio of services to offer, from design sketches to production specs.


You long for a change of pace in your apartment, but don’t want to go through the trouble of making structural changes? We’ll gladly consult you on your current furnishings and how they could be rearranged within the given layout. In advising you, we take into account your lifestyle, hobbies and interests, so that you will feel happy and content in your own home. We’ll also help picking light fixtures, soft furnishings, home décor, room fragrancing… anything and everything that adds welcoming coziness to your living space.


You’ve bought a property, new or refurbished? Or is your residential project still under construction? We help you resolve client change requests in residential development projects or within the context of shell&core completion – i.e., following up on the base build with your customized final fit-out. Don’t wait to see what surprises the firm tasked with the execution of such work may have in store for you – tackle change requests and customization proactively. In this manner, you may protect yourselves against money lost and time wasted.


You need to furnish a property which you acquired with a view to rental revenue? We’ll assist you with the thought-out selection of new furniture elements, and are at your beck and call for further advice, making the purchase, delivery and on-site installation. Furnishing spaces that are for short-term rentals is in many ways a specific task, one with which we’ve gained ample experience over the past years.


We’ll be glad to execute the entire project for you – or at least to oversee its proper execution, so there’ll be no glitches or hiccups. As we’ve teamed up with Czech and foreign manufacturers, we are able to deliver interiors at various price levels. For all of our projects, we can procure architectural supervision; construction works; coordination of subcontractors; flooring, tiling and wall customization; room illumination; bespoke furniture production; and final interior decorations.


For specific projects, it’s actually possible to resolve the space planning in a single meeting. This kind of design proposal takes the form of consulting, and relies on your active involvement. For a project which is smaller in scope, or if you are pressed for time but prepared to give the project your undivided attention, this type of collaboration can be highly effective.